Introducing: a new adventure board game 30 years in the making.  It’s the “War-Strategy game made only for Adventurers.” Enjoy the classic medieval fantasy core but with a broader twist.   Enjoy a war between Kingdoms with unpredictable and realistic game-play … that’s streamlined enough to finish in one evening.  Enjoy a focus that’s more on personal decision-making, versus mostly luck.   Last but not least, using your Queen’s power, enjoy upgrading your Castle Guard, Forts, and Guardians to either defend against, or defeat, your enemies.

Gold, Contracts, Missions, Genie Wishes, Treasure Maps, Jewels, Locked Boxes, and tons more … all carefully balanced to annoy you as little as possible while you venture it up and decide what kind of strategy to engage in.

You can win two ways – one, by either destroying your enemy Guardians or two, by destroying your enemy Castles.  You must kill the King in order to destroy the Castle – but be careful, he might have some Mercenaries helping him along with his loyal Castle Guard.

If you win the War, you become the Kingdom that conquers the land in the center of it all: The Wastelands.  It’s  famous for its abundance of Red Jewels and Underground wealth.  The Underground, and a third way to Win within it, is a planned Expansion Offering.  We hope you will enjoy this game as much as we have over the years – years that started in 1988!


As a child growing up in Queens, New York, I was an artist.  I was obsessed with drawing superheroes and inventing characters.  I naturally took a great affinity to fantasy art, and games like Dungeons and Dragons.  Around 30 years ago, my brothers and I (Victor D’Aurio, David D’Aurio, and me, Frank D’Aurio) wanted to create a character-centric game that avoided what we disliked in traditional rpg and war games, such as taking too long, being too detailed, not being realistic enough, or relying too much on luck.  We wanted to also include some new things we always wished were incorporated or combined.  Being a persistent idea person, I initiated the creation of a new world.

We started off with household materials and the back of business cards in 1988 … and spent many hours and holidays continually playing, refining, printing, talking, changing rules, changing the board, debating, and experimenting with different rules, mechanics, and accessories.

Below is a very small sample of what went down since 1988.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the original glued toothpicks and styrofoam board with magic marker outlines.  But once we fell in love with it and knew we were going to be serious and develop it over time, I started saving the work.

One tiny example of very old notes:

Some very old “pre-graphics” work using a mix of old business cards.  White-out was my best friend for many years 🙁

Some very old “pre-graphics” and “pre-art” Guardian test cards:


A sample of some old test cards, starting to use actual graphics:

A sample of various old game pieces:

A sample of constant card testing:

More endless card testing:

An example of a Player Tray we tested:

Even more endless card testing:

Some various advanced stage items:

A sample of advanced board testing:

More board testing – 6 Player Version:

After a few decades of test-playing and massive refinements, it’s gone from stick figures in 1988 to original art in 2018.  We are now gearing up for the actual launch!  This game and other projects are run by VideoJitsu LLC.


Our Mission is to bring forth a fantasy war-strategy game that strikes a unique balance between realism, characters, and decision-making … with game-play that isn’t too complicated, luck-based, or takes too long to complete.  To accomplish this Mission we are now preparing for our beta launch through a Kickstarter campaign.  We sure do hope you will support us there and on social media.


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